“Periodic qualitative and qualitative assessment for enhanced learning”


Atiha Certification



Atiha offers certifications that add value to a student, professional, university or a online Purchase company’s profile. By joining Atiha, you gain industry and professional skills that will take you places.


What Atiha has in store

For Universities

Atiha’s comprehensive learning solutions supplement university/ classroom lectures. Online learning is made systematic with rigorous planning, constant mentoring and regular assessments. Atiha follows the goal-based learning concept. Students set goals that they want to accomplish. In case they Cheap deviate from their goal, Atiha’s trend visualisations help them introspect, analyze and correct their actions. With Atiha certifications, students are ready to face and win over the professional world.

For Students


Atiha certified individuals are a cut above the rest. Here’s why. Atiha’s certifications are planned to spark the imagination and tap the full potential of learners. Atiha combines the best practices of universities with effective online learning methods. Atiha’s trend visualization tools help learners track their progress and analyze their shortcomings. Experts mentor learners and put them on the right path. Regular qualitative and quantitative assessments are carried out to ensure holistic development of learners. Atiha prepares individuals to kick-start their Pills career on a successful note.

For The Corporates

Atiha helps corporate companies identify Order and hire the best of talent from universities that offer Atiha certified programmes. Atiha equips learners with complete knowledge and gives them multi-dimensional growth. With

an Atiha certification, individuals are fully armed to face the professional world with confidence.
In a constantly changing job market, the best thing a professional can do is to keep upgrading his or her skills. Atiha helps them in this process even as the professional certifications designed by Atiha give their career a significant boost. Atiha brings credibility for corporate houses that want an efficient and reliable task force.


For Education Companies & E-Portals

The current generation of online educational portals aims to provide education for masses; however, they end up providing just “access”. Atiha enables these course service providers to advance to the next generation of online education by supporting “mass education” through the rigorous and effective goal-supported content delivery. Multiple learning levels (goal driven learning, self-learning, assisted studying, cialis generic online from canada collective studying, and self-studying) of Atiha allow course service providers to offer customized learning environments to their members.

Quantitative and qualitative assessments which are a part of Atiha help learners (the user base) to have an impactful and effective studying period. http://glutenhyllan.com/?p=6893 Atiha helps course service providers generate insightful progress reports and certificates that summarize various activities and interactions of the users based on holistic assessments.

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